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Think about all the time you spend performing the administrative tasks of your business. Are you feeling the stress already? Your legal paperwork and processes no longer need to impact you this way, because our law office can take all that off your hands.

Contact us to discuss our Business Entity Maintenance Program, where you can reduce your stress and the costs of doing business all at the same time. Our annual fee for the maintenance plan is $10,500.00, saving you over $2,000.00 each year, while giving you peace of mind.

Here’s How It Works
Service Description Approximate Normal Rate
(if billed hourly)
Unlimited Communications Unlimited communications between you and your attorney and between your attorney and other parties regarding legal issues that arise in the day-to-day operation of your business $3,000
Monthly Meeting One hour monthly meeting with your attorney to discuss legal and business issues you have and plan for your future $3,600
Preparation of Annual Meeting Minutes Drafting of all minutes, resolutions, etc. required by your business / practice $1,000
Review Annual Governmental Filings Review of all documents required by local, state and federal governmental agencies to keep your business / practice compliant $1,000
Preparation of Bank / Lender Packets (to open bank accounts) Review / drafting of documents required by banks and lenders to open accounts and obtain loans $1,500
Negotiations Unlimited negotiations between your attorney and other parties $0–5,000+
Employment Agreement Reviews Review / revision of all employment agreements $500 per agreement
Employment Agreement Drafting Creation of any new employment agreements your business / practice requires $1,500 per agreement
Form Review / Drafting Review / revision / creation of any client documents needed or utilized in your business/practice $1,500+