New Speaking Event: WVC 2018!!

John E. Owens, Esq. joins influential speakers scheduled for the renowned WVC 90th Annual Conference

Over 350 speakers and instructors will participate

Mr. Owens will present 3 sessions at this years conference: Saying You’re Sorry: Employing Empathy & Disclosure in Your Practice; Mediation for Practice Harmony; and Veterinary Malpractice: Protecting Yourself.

Over 15,000 Veterinary professionals are anticipated to attend the 89th Annual Conference, March 4-8, 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Participants will choose from over 1,000 hours of continuing education (CE), including 30 optional hands-on labs.

The organization’s flagship event presents CE in six topic areas: small animal, equine, veterinary technician, practice management, food animal, and avian and exotics.

WVC will host more than 350 speakers at the five-day event, presenting to veterinary industry professionals through symposia, industry seminars, special presentations, workshops and hands-on labs to provide knowledge one can immediately implement into their practice.

“The WVC educational experience includes various learning styles and environments taught by top-tier speakers and instructors,” said David Little, CEO. “Participants routinely cite WVC’s scientific programming as their chief reason to attend the Conference now in its 90th year.”

Registration for WVC’s 90th Annual Conference is currently under way. To learn more about the Conference or the variety of programs available, visit

Exit Planning: Getting the Most Out of Getting Out of Your Practice (Part 2)

Now that we have some understanding of what an exit plan is and what its benefits are, let’s look at the steps involved in creating an exit plan. The steps are: 1) Establish your goals; 2) Consult with your advisors; 3) Formulate your exit plan; 4) Implementing your plan; and finally, 5) Reviewing your plan. I’m going to warn you now, while the steps are simple, they are not always easy to undertake. Proceed with care!

Exit Planning: Getting the Most Out of Getting Out of Your Practice (Part 1)

Being a veterinarian is more than just a job, its part of who you are; and as a practice owner this truism applies even more so. Many practice owners spend the best years of their career growing their practice. Leaving the practice that you grew and nurtured is more than just a business decision, it is a life changing moment. Unfortunately many practice owners fail to realize the maximum potential from all their hard work when they decide to transition from ownership, because they put little, if any thought, into how to approach this life changing event. However, with a little effort and planning a practice owner can create a plan of action that allows them to leave their practice at a time of their own choosing while obtaining the maximum after tax profit from the sale and the maximum peace of mind in moving forward with their lives. Continue…